This showHeiner Goebbels: Stifter’s Dinge, sounds incredible. I love the space, and have visited it with our designer Nik Corrall. Gary Merry, director, knows the space. I wonder if we’d be able to do something here? Would it make sense?

“Five pianos hang stripped and bared above steaming pools of water. Mist settles over a ghostly scene, a living, breathing subterranean world. As the light changes and darkens, the pianos wake. Water drips and machines tick before, suddenly, the pianos begin to play themselves, advancing menacingly through fog and rain, through the creaking and crunching of machinery and the strange disembodied voices of William S Burroughs, Malcolm X and Claude Lévi-Strauss … 

First shown by Artangel in London in 2008, Stifter’s Dinge, by German composer and director Heiner Goebbels, is an extraordinary installation using weather and nature, mechanical objects, projections and music. Inspired by the work of Adalbert Stifter, a 19th century Austrian writer, poet and painter, celebrated for his rich descriptions of natural landscapes, it is a composition for five pianos with no pianists; a performance without performers. 

For two weeks only, this November, and for the last time, Stifter’s Dinge returns to its original home at Ambika P3 on Marylebone Road. It will be presented in two versions; a revival of the 2008 seated performance and a new durational version, Stifter’s Dinge: The Unguided Tour, created especially for the space, where audiences will be free to fully explore the environment, experiencing the work up close and from multiple viewpoints as a continuously evolving installation.”

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