KATE WHITLEY is a 23 year old pianist and composer. She graduated from Kings College Cambridge University in 2011 with a Double First in Music and an MPhil in Composition with Robin Holloway. Her piano concerto performances include Bartok Concerto for Two Pianos and Percussion, Rautavaara 1, Bartok 3, Berg Chamber Concerto, Shostakovich 2, and Brahms 1. She has studied at Margess International of Switzerland, Dartington International Summer School, and Prussia Cove IMS master classes, with Thomas Ades, Charles Owen and Rolf Hind. Her Wigmore Hall debut recital with clarinettist Mark Simpson is taking place in October 2012.

Kate will be our pianist for the Rough for Opera showing on October 14th. I am very excited about this new phase of the project. We started working with a skeleton team and now we’re adding a bass, Kate, our sonic artist, Alejo Palaez, and our saltpeter stalwarts, lighting guru Jason Osterman and designer, Nik Corrall, to layer in more ideas.

I did a spot of googling and here are some goodies:

Here is a video of her playing Brahms First Piano Concerto.

Part 1 of a video of Kate’s opera, Terrible Lips.

Kate playing Rite of Spring at the Oxford Holywell Music Rooms.


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