Interesting first rehearsal of the Rough For Opera excerpt on Sunday. A pleasure to be in a room with creative people.

Kim teaching Sean & Vera Sean’s Karaoke number. I am becoming more and more convinced that we are heading in the right direction.

Thinking more and more about breaking down the defined roles of the creative team. Interesting discussion about the whole (performance) team gradually abandoning their perceived roles, and entering wholly into the world of Tonseisha. I like the idea of the musicians finally abandoning their instruments and taking their place at the centre of the performance space (as the singers already are). Have a vision of an unaccompanied finale to the piece involving the voices of everyone.

Can this idea be extended to the whole team? Can the whole creative team take part in the finished work? Can’t think of too many works I’ve seen where this has happened. Can a designer, design during the performance, then transform into a character in the piece? I like the image of the space ultimately filled with people whose first discipline is not necessarily acting, inhabiting characters on stage. We could end up with multiple Yukiko’s on stage, perhaps exposing different aspects of Yukiko’s personality, perhaps moving/talking as one.

Must stop using the phrase ‘more and more’. 


2 thoughts on “A space full of voices

  1. Actually doing it. Maybe physically dressing people, I don’t know. The key thing would be that everyone actually becomes involved in the performance by the end i.e. sings. No reason why anyone may not be involved earlier. This is really a subject for long discussion and experimentation further down the line, but I keen to explore it at some level after Rough For Opera.

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