How incredible is this? Tilly is in LA after having seized a moment and an opportunity. I’ve written elsewhere that she’s been able to meet up with Erik, who’s script Tonseisha is the starting point for our work.

Today she is meeting Charles Marowitz (see page 87 in the book I photographed). He’s mentioned in it as a theatre director whose work was influenced by the concept of happenings.

Adrian Henri wrote the book, Environments and Happenings. Jonathan Swain, designer for the New Factory of the Eccentric Actor and our good friend, told me to buy it. Adrian Henri is also the uncle of Nathan Penlington, who is behind the exceptional project www.brautigansalad.com and who has a pretty interesting project on the go based on some pages falling out of a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Look this up – the next showing will be in a couple of weeks time at the South Bank.

Tilly is also meeting up with Ted Latty, a Brautigan collector in Malibu.

Today I was talking to the Barbican – one of my favourite buildings, and an arts organisation that really stands out and excited me – about how via Brautigan and saltpeter, I have seen so many people start doing remarkable things, or start showing the world their remarkable selves.

A mere couple of years ago:
Brautigan. I looked him up properly.
I found Erik Patterson’s piece Tonseisha in amongst the tonnes of work out there produced in response to Brautigan.
I have been toddling along a bendy road.
And here we are today.

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