The word “synecdoche” is derived from the Greek word συνεκδοχή, from the prepositions συν- + εκ- and the verb δέχομαι (= “I accept”), originally meaning accepting a part as responsible for the whole, or vice versa.

I asked my amazingly wonderful flatmate Miles about how I might explain what I mean about my/our work. He proposed the concept of synecdoche, (which is also the title of the film Gary has been trying to get me to watch for years. It is finally on its was to me via the post. HURRAH!, after years of me being rubbish at getting my paws on a copy).

Anyhow, I wrote my sentence: “our process-­‐driven approach gives our work -­‐ large or small, high-­‐tech or lo-­‐fi -­‐ a flavour of something bigger i.e. our belief in art as integral to everyday life”, not using the word, but happy to have been reminded of it.


Relates to my affinity to emergence theory where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Read detail of it here.

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