Just found this website: http://www.asianperformingartsuk.com

“Asian Culture has a peculiar way of dealing with time. The Japanese word “Ma” is a term that represents the space between things. In conversation, it is the pause between words, in music, the silence between phrases and in dance, stillness. Duration, silence and stillness are essential elements of the art of subtlety where the smallest detail creates an extremely powerful effect.

In Indian dance and dramas, the gaze has a crutial role. 
From a determined way of looking, a particular movement flourishes. Delicate changes such as those of the eye movements or those of the flying hands create mesmerizing effects.

Artaud describes  “a great metaphysical fear which is at the root of all ancient theatre*”. In the spectacle of the Balinese theater, the actors appear in their spectral aspect and are seen in a hallucinatory perspective. “A kind of terror seizes us at the thought of these mechanized beings, whose joys and griefs seem not their own but at the service of age-old rites, as if they were dictated by superior intelligences.”  He distinguishes “ the Oriental theater of metaphysical tendencies, as opposed to the Occidental theater of psychological tendencies”. 

Along with dance and theatre training, these sessions are accompanied by screenings and talks about the sacred legends from where Asian theatre originates. 
We focus on the mythology, literature and the religious and philosophical concerns behind this type of representations.”

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