So Silent Opera seems to be drawing on site-specific, walk-through theatre productions, and the experiments with headphones:

Silent Opera refracts opera’s greatest works through our modern, hi-tech world. We use high quality and brand new recordings mixed instantaneously with projection, broadcast and visual spectacle. Singers and some instrumentation are live, creating a powerful blend between the moment and the media. Mixed together and broadcast to your personal headphones, the opera invites you to wander the scenes at your leisure without losing a single note, breath or word. Characters slip in and out of your vision as they play out their story in an immersive environment, and for the first time, opera is set loose.

Silent Opera is an exhilarating form that looks to the modern day fascination with technology and the personal soundcloud. Apply this to opera, and you have a personal filmic soundscape that enables you complete freedom within the world of the opera.

Silent Opera can bring masterpieces to life in a vivid and real sense. It can also bring opera to weird and wonderful spaces with intimacy and scale.”

As per our RFO experiment, we saw that it was interesting for the audience to be able to choose what to focus on, with all the layers and action happening in the playing area. Similar, it occurs to me today, to Gary’s New Factory shows where the audience wander about but it’s usually all taking place in ONE room instead of a space that’s cut up into smaller areas, so no matter where you are, you are sitll in the soup. You are still aware of what else is going on and you decide what you pay attention to.


They are supported by Sky Arts Ignition Fun, Ideas Tap, Arts Council Lottery Money, Heritage Arts and PW Productions.

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