Images taken by Satoshi Date.

 Some links, videos, thoughts from one of our designers, Satoshi Date, as a response to what we experienced at the Barbican during our PitLab light and sound Research and Development week. The links below came on Tuesday, after two days’ work and I’ve included my thoughts in response.

Apart from the useful reference points, it’s INCREDIBLE to see Satoshi’s own videos, clothes line, and constructed worlds. Listen too to his music. Just keep scrolling down and you’ll see his work headed up.

Finally, see Satoshi’s blog post which includes sketches from Thursday’s session, and what he thought about the overall process.

NB – We are not trying to represent Japan (nor Montana, nor Richard Brautigan) in any authentic (whatever that might mean) way, but we are looking at what the general perception is of Japan. So no geishas, kimonos, Japanese screens, or any other literal depictions of Japaneseness at the moment. And yeah, I am absolutely not going to be doing the accent!

The colour RED has become central.

Below: Watch from 9.03 for the bird dress – Satoshi has headed this up – and then, I found a nie surprise: Keep watching for the sudden/magical reappearance of people. Gary was talking about how to (dis)appear people. Note the projections. It also made me think of people who live in glass houses.

I LOVE that the catwalk is a glass cube with some opaque walls, inhabited by these creatures, some ‘normal’ and some with physical tics.


Satoshi also said to look at this vid by Jeff Buckley, esp. 3.54 in.

This is a video of Satoshi’s experiment with shadow clothes. Screenshot images below.


The vid below is Satoshi’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I love the girl coming out of her dress/pod. Also the white accessory in her hair:

And this is a video of a Satoshi show from 2009. He also performed the music. I love the delicacy of the world he’s created. At first glance one might think cobwebs or Miss Haversham but it’s far more beautiful and absolutely undusty – dreamwebs, maybe, or lace trails of half-thoughts.

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